Monday, February 27, 2012

Emerging and Developing

Jori's kitchen sink, a moment of water

I have chosen this moment in time, way past my bedtime, to write, let's call it motivation and move away from insanity and regret.

Over the past two weeks I have been fleetingly thinking of the term "third world country". Is it still a relevant word? Does Macedonia really fit into that category and if not where does it go? I decided tonight to do some preliminary research. According to the dreaded research agent, Wikipedia, Macedonia is an Emerging and Developing Country, check the IMF for more information. In another place on Wikipedia, I did a quick average of Macedonia from three different tables and it comes out as number 117 of 196 countries in the world. So there's your information for the night. I feel slightly more informed.

My motivation for such thoughts was spurred on by the recent lack of water that has been occurring in the city. It first started due to extreme cold weather and pipes freezing, but long after that could no longer be the reason, water was still not restored to some parts of town and for a day the whole city was without water. Yes, there are other countries that function without consistent or limited water, but what I think makes it difficult for an emerging country is that time in between. Certain public services are offered and the community begins to build infrastructure based on the provision of those services, but then factor in the fact that those services can be inconsistent and so the infrastructure that was developed based on those services leaves the community vulnerable in a way that they were not before. According to various sources the water outage is due to either someone not paying the right bill or political posturing or both. Who knows, but the fact is life can be difficult without water, even for a day.

Though the weather has warmed significantly, February was mostly a month of snow. I am extremely thankful that most of it has melted by now.

during this time I moved into the kitchen which is
warmer and smaller, making it easier to heat

Some things I read today:
One story of those aging in the prison system
Scheming in unlikely places

Something I watched:
Award craziness

What I listened to:
Andrew Bird, 2012

My favorite line that jumped out at me, “You would go mistaking the clouds for the mountains". To me this says, people often turn things into bigger problems than they really are and sometimes you cannot see that until it passes. You look back and say to yourself, it wasn't really as bad as I made it out to be. Bird makes a good album, he diversified his sound. Take a listen.

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