Friday, May 20, 2011

Let me come home

New Jersey was nice enough to let me leave the state as long as I promised to come back one day soon, but I've heard it's been raining non-stop since my departure.

I made my way to Nashville taking a slower pace than normal and still getting in at a reasonable time. I'll be here for the majority of the summer, living similarly as I did last summer. My days will be filled with faces I love and adventures I'll cherish, while making sure I still attempt some form of a responsible adult existence.

I finished my semester at Rutgers Camden with a few close calls as always, but I did well if I do say so myself. I gained a vast amount of information in a short amount of time and soon I'll have the chance to apply this material while serving in Macedonia. Speaking of which, I was required by the Peace Corps to resubmit my dental review and after a bit of cajoling I was about to get the Camden County College Dental School to poke at my teeth, take some X-rays, and even clean them! I am grateful to the wonderful ladies that helped me get that task complete.

I will have to catch up on life this week. I am just posting this because it was an entry I started about two weeks ago...