Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finding Solutions

 birthday celebration

There are positives and negatives to research and I generally enjoy finding the information I need, except when it's not out there or I feel I am just one click away from the answer. So two hours in front of the computer turns into four, then five with nothing really solid to present for all the time spent. That is how I feel today and it will probably be the same case for tomorrow. I am looking for resources on programs for training adults with intellectual disabilities for the workforce. The US government has centers in place, called Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and I've read and read....there's a lot of great services in PA for one reason or another...but the info is just basic. I know people don't want to spell out their whole program online...maybe some one will take the idea. Or laying everything out might lead families to think they can do it on their own, taking away income flow to the professional centers that are set up for this. But when you are in a country where these resources do not exists at all it's slightly frustrating to try to find the needed info. So I've emailed a few people and will probably reach out to some others after talking with co-workers tomorrow.

All this to say that research can be very taxing especially when you are working on day two of a headache.